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  • Composition EDTA Chelated Zinc 12%
  • Zinc Which is essential for Oxidation reaction, Carbohydrate metabolism, Sugar usag and formation of growth promoting compounds like Auxin.
  • Zinc Plays Important role in Protein Synthesis.Production of Auxin.
  • Zinc regulates vegetative growth as promoter.
  • Zinc regulates level of Phosphate within the plant body.
  • Zinc Essential for synthesis and activation of various enzymes and growth hormones.
  • Zinc  activates many metabolic activities.
  • Zinc develops resistance against environmental stress and pathogens. 
  • Zinc ensures timely maturity of the plants.
  • NUPLEX ZINC 12 contains 12% EDTA Chelated Zinc. less quantity of NUPLEX ZINC12 
  • is required to correct Zinc deficiency and to maintain zinc level in plants.
  • Dosage : 1gm of NUplex Zinc 12 per 1 ltr of water
  • Crops : Paddy, Cotton, Chillies, Sugarcane, Maize, Tomato, Bhendi, Brinjal, Groundnut, Pulses, Banana, Mango, other Fruit and vegetable crops.


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