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Quality Guaranteed

Our Promise to You


We have sufficient tools and machinery for wide range of Agri-inputs manufacturing. Different machines are used for different types of products so that the efficiency of the products is not lost or decreased which could happen if the same machines are used for making different products. We maintain high-end quality throughout the production processes.


Our Team:

We have the well experienced, hardworking, and dedicated team of experts who  follows and updates with the latest trends and technologies in the field of agriculture.

With their support and knowledge, we can produce and market our products meeting the future requirements.

Research and Development:

Our DSIR registered Lab’s strong commitment and endless quest to develop new  products has made us stand in the market as one among the top leading manufacturers. One such product in the recent times is Bhooratnaa which has become an instant success in the market, followed by Parex Power, Suphal which are found to be showing amazing results for the Farming community.

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