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  • RHIZOGOLD Gr is a Unique mixture of Mycorrhiza blended with optimum quantity of growing substrate consisting of humic acid,  Naturally Derived Phytocompounds and Aminoacid in a Granular formulation designed for over all root and plant growth.
  • Each 3.75 kg pack of Rhizogold Gr contains 250gm of Active Ingredient.
  • Rhizo Gold Granules is a Specialized Mycorrhizal Bio Fertilizer
  • Rhizo Gold granules contains Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM)a symbiotic fungi.
  • Consortium of Glomus species.
  • Fortified with Sea weed, Humic Powder and nutrients and is powdered with encapsulated silicon.
  • Recommended for soil application in all types of soil.
  • Suitable for all categories of crops (Field/Horticultural/Floriculture/Vegetables)
  • Benefits :
  • Helps in Root development & profuse root branching
  • Drought resistant & healthy growth
  • Protect plant from many of soil borne infections
  • Reduces transplantation salinity & acidic shock.
  • Increases Water uptake and uptake of P,K,Mg & Micronutrients etc.
  • Reduce Crop  damage due to water stress
  • Overall crop yield enhancement more than 30%
  • Dosage of Application : 2.5 to kg Rhizo Gold per acre


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