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  • NUPLEX PAREX POWER Correcting micro nutrient deficiences & ensuring better nutrient balance.
  • NUPLEX PAREX POWER Soil fertility has a dramatic impact on the profit equation because the lack of fertility limits production.
  • NUPLEX PAREX POWER The supply of micro nutrients to the plants has become need of the hour to achive maximum productivity.
  • NUPLEX PAREX POWER is a liquid Micro nutrient Mixture specially blended for cash crops 
    like Citrus, Cotton, Chillies, Vegetables, and all other crops.

Nuplex Parex Power Benefits:

  • Ensures qualitative improvements in the plants.
  • Increases crop yields.
  • Improves disease resistivity.
  • Prevents and corrects trace elements deficiency.
  • Reduces flower and fruit drop.

Direction for use :

Gently dissolve 250ml of Nuplex Parex Power with Special Admix (Given Free) 250 ml in 250 ml in 200-250  litres water and spray on one acre crop. 


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