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  • NU-KMB (Bio-Potash) is a Liquid Bio Fertilizer contains soil beneficial bacteria Frateuria aurantia which is used as an effective soil inoculant.
  • It is approved for using in organic farming.
  • NU-KMB (Bio-Potash) is residue free Liquid Bio Fertilizer.
  • NU-KMB (Bio-Potash) improves the keeping quality and tests of fruits, vegetables and grains.
  • NU-KMB (Bio-Potash) Mobilize the available Potash in the Soil to plant roots. 
  • The Bacteria contained in NU-KMB (Bio-Potash) on application to the Soil get activated and multiply by utilizing the carbon source of soil or exudates of the root and secrete organic acids & enzymes.
  • NU-KMB (Bio-Potash) Plays important role in the acidification of the soil medium facilitating Potash Mobilization & easier assimilation by plants. 
  • Crops : Cereals, Millets, Pulses, Oilseeds, fiber crops, sugar crops, forage crops, Plantation crops, vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Flowers, Medicinal crops, Aromatic Crops, Orchards & Ornamentals.
  • Soil Treatment :
  • 500 ml of  NU-KMB (Bio-Potash)  required per acre.Mix well with 500 ml Nuplex NU-KMB
  • (Bio-Potash) with 50-100 kg of Soil/Sand /Compost.Spread this mixer homogeneously in 
  • field before last ploughing  or before 24  hours sowing
  • Foliar Spray : 2.5 to 5 ml  NU-KMB (Bio-Potash)  per 1 Ltr of water.    
  • Precautions :
  • Keep  Liquid Bio Fertilizer under shade away from sunlight in cold place.
  • Use specific Liquid Bio Fertilizer as recommend for special crop.
  • Keep them away from chemical fertilizer & pesticides and don’t use along them


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