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Composition :
Water Soluble Potash 
(as K20) % by weight, Minimum..........14.50
Moisture % by Weight, Maximum.........5.00

  • Benefits :
  • First of its kind fertilizer which is the only source of  Natural Potash.
  • Nu-K Source of secondary micro nutrient.
  • Nu-K Helps to build strong cell wall to avoid disease and pest attack.
  • Nu-K Lesser chloride count helps in preventing chloride injury especially in crops like tobacco, potato, vegetables. etc. 
  • Nu-K Restores beneficial soil bacteria, improves soil health & longevity
  • Nu-K Balances nutrient profile in soil and enhances nutrient uptake
  • Nu-K Enables photosynthesis, water movement and enzyme activity
  • Nu-K Increase stalk strength and promotes strong buds.
  • Nu-K Improves colour, quality, yield and storage
  • Nu-K Supplements the Potassium in natural manner, thereby, reducing the dosage of other chemical potash fertilizers.
  • Dosage : 25 kg to 50kg per acre


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