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  • Nuplex Nutri - MKP is a Mono Potassium Phosphate 100% water soluble fertilizer contains major plant nutrients i.e., Phosphorus & Potash
  • Nuplex Nutri - MKP pre bloom as well as post bloom application, proper, ripening,attractive color and formation of rind fruits.
  • Nuplex Nutri - MKP instantly provides Phosphorus & Potash to plant and helps in immediate recovery of deficiency  symptoms.
  •  Nuplex Nutri - MKP Suitable for all crops, improves luster, uniform color and taste.
  • Nuplex Nutri - MKP Since P&K specially structured and desgined, this will give an excellent growth in all the stages of crop namely seedling stage, vegetative stage, reproductive stage and ripening stage.
  • Nuplex Nutri - MKP overall helps in obtaining Qualitative & Quantitative yields.

Dosage and Usage Instructions:

  • Drip Irrigation - as per schedule and use accordingly demand of crop
  • Foliar-0.5-1.5% concentration solution (5gm of per Ltr of water)spray uniformly over the crop and repeat the spray as and when deficiency symptoms appear on the crop.


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