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  • Foliar Spray
  1. TheNuplex Nu KMB is a bio fertilizer  contains soil beneficial bacteria Frateuria aurantia, which is used as an effective soil inoculate. It is approved for using  in organic farming.
  • Mode of Action : 
  • The bacteria Frateuria aurantia Contained in Nuplex Nu KMB on application gets activated and produces organic acids and enzymes by utilizing the nutrients from soil & root exudates.
  •  The se produced organic acids & enzymes by bacteria helps to solubilize the potassium present in soil into soluble form & make available to plants.
  • Recommended Crops : Cereals, Millets, Pulses, Oilseeds, fiber crops, sugar crops, forage crops, Plantation crops, Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Flowers, Medicinal crops, Aromatic crops, Orchards & Ornamentals
  • Direction for use : 
  • 1. Seedling Treatment : Mix 100g Nuplex Nu Kmb properly with sufficient quantity of water and organic manure to formslurly; and the seedling are dipped in this slurry for 30 minutes prior to planting so that the bacteriaget attached to the roots.
  • 2. Soil Application : Mix 3-5kg/acre of Nuplex Nu KMB withcompost and apply to an acre of soil
  • 3. Drip Irrigation : Mix 3kg/acre of Nuplex KMB in drip stream
  • Shelf Life : Nuplex Nu KMB is stable for a period of 12 months from the od manufacturing


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