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EDTA Chelated FERROUS 12%

  • (Ferrous)Iron is key component for photo synthesis and mitochondrial respiration resulting in improved plant metabolism and aids in biosynthesis of key plant hormonal compounds.
  • Ferrous is an important constituent of enzyme systems, it regulates respiration, photosynthesis, reduction of nitrates and sulphates. It is essential for cell division and the synthesis of protein, Influence the formation of some growth hormones in the plants .
  • Nuplex Femax (100% water soluble foliar spray) is free flowing, fine powder which dissolves speedily and completely in water.
  • Nuplex Femax helps to prevent Iron deficiencies in different crops occurred gradually at different growth stages of crops.
  • Nuplex Femax contains 12% EDTA Chelated Iron. Less quantity of Nuplex Femax is required to correct Iron deficiency and to maintain Iron level in plants by fast leaf penetration
  • Composition : EDTA Chelated Iron (Fe) 12% w/w
  • Dosage : Dissolve1 grams of Nuplex Femax in 1 Ltr of water any spray on both sides of leaves. Two sprays are recommended. First spray just before flowering and Second spray 15-20days after first spray.

Crops : Paddy, Chilli, Cotton, Turmeric, Tomato, Tobacco, Bhendi, Bengal Gram, Brinjal, Pulses and other field and Horticultural Crops.


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